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Play the entire game with just 1 club!

The DIVNICK & UNIVERSAL adjustable Golf Clubs

DIVNICK            "34 IN 1"   € 150,00  (2 for  € 250,00)
UNIVERSAL   "17 IN 1"   € 75,00   (2 for  € 120,00)

shipping cost for 1 or 2 clubs is the same

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There have been more than 120 patents on adjustable clubs since 1895 and that first one was pretty ingenious for the technology that was available during that era. But all the designs have lacked the playability, performance, and feel of modern clubs.
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A lot have changed since that time, and now we are proud to introduce to you the two most successful adjustable golf clubs available for golfers all around the world. The perform in the same way as the latest HI-TECH golf clubs, and in some cases even better. Both these clubs are perfect for established golf players, or beginners who want to try our great game. And maybe most important, the make the game of golf instantly available anytime, anyplace.

The Universal™ 28 in 1 telescopic and adjustable golf club.

The Universal Club is from the inventor of the Superstick golf club, Patented in 1974 by Donald Moore, with over 100.000 sold. The Universal Club is different from other adjustable golf clubs. The loft change between clubs is 3.3 degrees. This change is within 1 degree of the golf industry average for iron and wedge lofts. The Universal club has a .500 offset shank that is set at an angle to the sole. This provides the correct lie angle for each club. The sole is utilized as a precision machined flat putter face. There are 4 usable lofts with the correct lie angle for putting. In addition this club can be used for most left hand shots. This club is absolutely fair and takes the game back to its roots, where skill is the most important factor.

The Divnick™ 34 in 1 telescopic and adjustable golf club.

Steve Divnick inventor of the DIVNICK™ "Whole In One" golf club took up the game of golf in 1988, and thought it was unnecessary and cumbersome carrying a huge and heavy set of clubs around when making one club with an adjustable head made more sense. After four years of development and testing, he patented The DIVNICK™ in 1991, He wanted to call it the "Nicklaus" or "Palmer" but eventually settled on The DIVNICK™, a more available trademark!)

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