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The DIVNICK™ "Whole-in-One" Adjustable Golf Club


Play the entire game with just 1 club!

~ No heavy, clumsy
   heads to exchange
~ Rock-solid telescopic
   3-piece shaft
~ Extends to the length of a
~ Closes to only 17" (43cm);
~ Fits in a small brief case
~ Internal vernier transmission
~ All irons, including half lofts*
~ Includes putter, driver, and 8 wedges
~ Quick-lock adjustment lever
~ Automatic progressive shaft offset
~ Perimeter weighting

The Divnick collapses to only 17" (43cm) and easily fits into a small brief case. So it's great for travel.

According to independent laboratory robot tests, the DIVNICK hits farther and is an unprecedented 21% more accurate than standard clubs!

The custom nylon bag has three zippered compartments which hold several balls, your wallet and keys, and all the other stuff you like to carry! The bag is worn as a fanny pack while playing, and when play is over, The DIVNICK fits completely into the bag (pictured) for storage. One size fits all. The standard color is black.

The DIVNICK is a perfect gift for your favorite golfer, whether it's a husband, wife, parent, customer, or your boss.