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The DIVNICK™ "Whole-in-One" Adjustable Golf Club


Play the entire game with just 1 club!

~ No heavy, clumsy
   heads to exchange
~ Rock-solid telescopic
   3-piece shaft
~ Extends to the length of a
~ Closes to only 17" (43cm);
~ Fits in a small brief case
~ Internal vernier transmission
~ All irons, including half lofts*
~ Includes putter, driver, and 8 wedges
~ Quick-lock adjustment lever
~ Automatic progressive shaft offset
~ Perimeter weighting

The Divnick collapses to only 17" (43cm) and easily fits into a small brief case. So it's great for travel.

According to independent laboratory robot tests, the DIVNICK hits farther and is an unprecedented 21% more accurate than standard clubs!

The DIVNICK is a perfect gift for your favorite golfer, whether it's a husband, wife, parent, customer, or your boss.